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5 Tips for Picking the Right Table and Chairs Set for Your Kids

5 Tips for Picking the Right Table and Chairs Set for Your Kids

When it comes to finding the perfect little table and chairs for your child, here are 5 key findings to keep in mind! Use this handy guide to make sure you're buying the right kids table and chair set for your little one.



    Most important, comfort. Their tables and chairs should feel good to ensure that they're able to play and concentrate to their full extent.

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    When choosing the right chair, it's essential that your kids' legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle with their feet flat against the floor. Of course, the table should also be a comfortable height. 8-inches is generally a good guideline for the distance between their chair's seat and the base of the table. Following this should ensure that they can sit comfortably while keeping in good posture naturally. 


    While this is something you should keep in mind when purchasing any sort of children's furniture, your kids will definitely heavily interact with the table. Whether it be the site of a glamorous tea party with their friends or a place for them to let their imaginations wild while coloring and drawing, materials play an important role in both the functionality and aesthetic of the product. Decide whether you want to go for plastics - for easy cleanups - or something maybe wood for a more classic look. High-quality, lacquer tested, and natural materials are the way to go to avoid exposing your kids to harmful substances. 


    What is the current aesthetic of your kids' living space? Where is the table and chair set going to be - in their room, or in their playroom? How big is space? All essential questions that should influence the shape of the table (and corresponding chairs) - whether that be round, square, or rectangular. 


    Why not kill two birds with one stone? Modern children furniture brands have increasingly started to incorporate a storage function to their products - such as a storage bench. It's such a simple way to hide any clutter and chaos while giving your child a comfortable place to sit and have fun! 

    What are some unique tricks that you use when shop for the little one?

    Let us know in the comments!

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