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Take 30% OFF our entire collection*
Furniture That Grows With You

Furniture That Grows With You

Picking out furniture for your children is a complicated and at times overwhelming process. There are so many factors to keep in mind: ensuring that the pieces are high-quality and durable, and of course being of the highest safety standards. Aside from all of these crucial considerations, you’re often left with not much choice in styling and aesthetics. 

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There is no need to compromise anything with brands such as Flexa, which offers safe designs made with robust, sustainable materials that still maintain a minimalistic Danish style. More importantly, the furniture is able to grow with your child.

Instead of having to go through the stress of the research process every few years once your child inevitably outgrows their bed or study desk, investing in long-lasting pieces allows you to simply adjust. Whether that be removing a safety rail or adding a staircase to the bed, you're suddenly offered a variety of options rather than being forced to purchase completely new furniture.


As a society so conscious about reducing our carbon footprint in order to protect the world our kids will grow up in, it is essential we invest in sustainable furniture rather than buying cheap pieces that end up being thrown away just a year or two after purchase. 

Key takeaways:
  • When doing your research, sustainability and durability should be on the top of your list 
  • Consider minimalist designs as they are timeless and you don’t have to worry about your child’s bedroom or study space looking outdated. Sleek, simple designs also ensure the room doesn’t look cluttered - as we all know how quickly the room can turn into a mess with toys and knick knacks everywhere
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