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Take 50% OFF our entire collection*

Meg Gupta - July 13 2020

Decorating Your Kids Room: How To Compromise

The thought of decorating your child's room probably sparks a lot of joy. With so many adorable children's furniture and design options out there, you really can go in any direction - whether it be bright and playful or subdued and pastel - the possibilities are endless. Before you get too carried away, let's not forget the most important element of this whole scenario - your child!

It can no doubt be tricky deciding how and where to compromise, but the most important thing to remember is how you want their space to enhance their daily life. Kids want to express their developing personalities and interests into their living spaces. It's very important you encourage them to do so!

Tension often arises when it comes to organization, as parents will understandably want the finished product to be as clean and tidy as possible. That is when storage solutions become essential. Invest in furniture that has a strong design aesthetic while offering minimalism, so that unnecessary clutter can be avoided easily. 

Still feeling overwhelmed? Follow these top tips to make sure you're on the right track:

1. Come up with a basic color palette and ensure all products fall into the same color family. If you don't want to feel pressured by conventional gender norms, feel free to step out of the box and enter the beautiful world of gender neutral tones. These include cream, earthy browns, greens, and so many more!

2. When it comes to toddlers and young kids, we recommend sticking to a simple and classic design. Bring your child's personality to life with accessories and accents, rather than through major statement pieces. This makes it easy to keep updating the room as they grow, while avoiding expensive purchases that would have to be re-purchased as your child's whims and interests grow.

3. Keep in mind the styling of the rest of your house, by making sure elements such as flooring and paint are cohesive throughout. This will help make sure every room of your house work together, while still leaving plenty of room for your child to inject their creativity and personality into their own personal space. 

Consider playful textiles and wallpapers to brighten up the room in a fun and simple way.