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Black Friday is here! 40% OFF our entire collection*!
Black Friday is here! 40% OFF our entire collection*!


FREJA characterizes both Danish design and modern living, functioning as both a bed and a useful storage solution. 


FREJA is a beautiful half-height bed which offers an all-in-one solution with plenty of space under the bed. It offers stylish integrated storage, with four spacious drawers and an open space in the middle, so that all of your child's belongings can be tucked away easily and retrieved accessibly.

Please note that FREJA fits a European size mattress (35.4" wide x 78.7" long) and will not fit a US twin size mattress (38" wide x 75" long). The European size mattress is slightly smaller and we also sell it on our online shop for your convenience. Although both bed and mattress are European size, US twin sheets still fit comfortably!


FREJA is perfect for younger children, who may be about to move out of the cot and are ready to upgrade to a bed they can use for many years to come. Despite the height, the bed is completely safe due to the rounded corners and built-in ladder which the child will quickly learn to use. The practical storage solution can also encourage your child to be organized and put away their toys when they are done playing! All FLEXA products are approved according to the strictest quality and safety requirements

FREJA is designed for children ages 3 years and up and is available in two colors, a soft blue and a classic white. The bed is made of a combination of pine, MDF and brass.

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