Play curtain - Jungle

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Set of three play curtains to hang under the mid-high bed. Play curtains create a cave in your child's room. These attractive textile designs encourage fantasy play. Your child can peek out of the whole in the curtain and pretend he/she is a wild lion. The illustrations on the play curtains are also a great opportunity for Mum and Dad to talk about the wild animals on the savannah or come up with new bedtime stories. Washable and OEKO-tex labelled.

Play Curtains:

L: 34.3 W: 30.3,

L: 34.3 W: 30.3,

L: 43.3 W:30.3

The product is out of stock
Product no.83-20182
Product measurement Length 43.3 in
Depth 30.3 in
Weight1.9 lb

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