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Take 30% OFF our entire collection*
Take 30% OFF our entire collection*


Flexa is certified according to PEFC® standards – which warrants that the wood used for the production of FLEXA furniture can be traced back to responsible forestry.


FLEXA furniture is surface-treated with lacquer several times to give our furniture an optimal and elegant finish. At the same time it makes our furniture robust and more resistant to signs of wear and tear. FLEXA uses only eco-friendly, water-based lacquer and UV lacquer, which meets the European Standard (EN) for lacquer.


FLEXA furniture is made for children. We have carefully checked every single detail so you can safely set up your child’s bedroom. For example, there are no sharp edges or corners on FLEXA furniture - they are all rounded. All beds with a sleeping height of more than 80 cm are safety-tested by TÜV and meet EU standard EN:747:2012.


Many items of FLEXA furniture are made of solid wood. Others are partly made of solid wood. As wood is a living product, natural differences in color may appear between individual products. Natural differences in color may occur.


FLEXA textiles and mattresses are Oeko-Tex certified and contain no harmful substances. The Oeko-Tex label guarantees that the products meet stringent requirements and contain much less chemical and harmful substances than conventional fabrics. Our mattress covers are washable for optimal hygiene and convenience.


FLEXA develops high-quality solutions that are built to last. FLEXA offers a full 5-year manufacturer warranty. Textiles, mattresses and fittings are covered by a 2-year guarantee.The consequences of natural wear and tear or improper treatment or use of the products are not covered, e.g. damage to the lacquer surface caused by knocks or wear and tear. The 5-year manufacturer warranty period starts from the invoice date to the original owner. If you find a product defect in a FLEXA product, please contact


When you buy a FLEXA Classic, FLEXA White or FLEXA NOR bed you get a flexible building system (legs, straight ladder and safety rails). This gives you the flexibility to re-build your bed as your child grows. We offer a 5 year parts guaranty on all standard system parts of these beds. This means that we guaranty to keep these bed parts in stock for future purchase, 5 years from the original purchase date.


FLEXA cherishes the health of your child, given that all FLEXA furniture is tested according to the strict international safety standards EN71-3, DIN717-3 and DIN 53160. We guaranty the delivery of non-toxic furniture.

FLEXA's products are only for domestic use.


Our furniture is manufactured from natural materials. Therefore, direct sunlight and heat from radiators, wood burning stoves or other heating sources can fade or dry out the surfaces on wood and textiles. For wood this is most predominant for the first months after assembly, but the process can continue throughout the life span of the product. This is irrespective of the furniture having received a surface treatment as most of FLEXA furniture has.

Some of our furniture is modular and thus being assembled from many different production lines, minor colour differences can occur on both lacquered and untreated wooden parts.


Come and join our playful universe on our social medias. You will find lots of inspiration for your children's room and get sneak peeks of our news. We love to see how you decorate your children's rooms with FLEXA furniture. Share your images with us on Instagram and use the hashtags #flexa and #flexaUSA.

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