All children have earned a FLEXA mattress - with room for growing

Rested children have the peace and strength to grow and develop, and just as good sleeping habits help sleep on the move, children benefit from a mattress that matches and supports age, size, development and other needs such as body temperature regulation.

Therefore, in 2018, FLEXA launches the GOOD SLEEP collection, which consists of four quality mattresses and three covers that can be combined to suit the different needs of children.

Children are both different in height and length, as some children are warm and typically throw the duvet during the night, while other children are naturally colder and cannot get enough duvet. A single mattress type is not suitable for everyone, so choose the combination of FLEXA mattress and upholstery that best helps your child throughout childhood; from the child jumps out of the cot to the teenage years.


FLEXA Madras

This newly developed mattress grows with your child and promotes good sleep. The mattress has 3 cm latex on top, and when the child weighs over 25 kg, you can turn the mattress so that the child is lying on the 4 cm latex on the other side. This gives the child the same comfort, even if the child increases the weight. The inner cover is antibacterial and water resistant.
  • Latex and foam mattress with 3 cm latex with cooling layer for children under
  • 25 kg, 5 cm cold foam and 4 cm latex on the other hand for children over 25 kg.
  • Reversible to the growing child
  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Follows the body's contours and absorbs movements
  • Elastic and relieves pressure


FLEXA Latexmadras

This mattress consists of 6 cm latex and 6 cm deluxe foam with cut air ducts at the top. The top makes the mattress flexible so that it adapts to the child's movements and at the same time provides good comfort and support. The top also helps ensure fine ventilation and prevent overheating. The inner cover is antibacterial and water resistant.
  • Latex mattress with 6 cm latex and 6 cm deluxe foam
  • Relieves pressure, adapts to the child's body
  • Suitable for sensitive or allergic children
  • Latex with air ducts provides adequate ventilation and keeps moisture away from the baby's body.


FLEXA Springmadras

This mattress has 12 double hardened pocket springs and an extra layer of soft, flexible HR foam for added comfort. The spring structure ensures good ventilation and prevents overheating. The mattress is designed for tweens and teenagers. The inner cover is antibacterial and water resistant.
  • Spring mattress with 3 cm soft, flexible cold foam for good comfort
  • 218 springs per 2m and a wire thickness of 1.9 mm
  • Ventilation prevents overheating


FLEXA SkummadrasA foam mattress with high quality covers. It serves as a sensible guest mattress and a smaller child can nicely sleep on it, even daily. The foam mattress guarantees high sleeping comfort and ensures a good night's sleep. The inner cover is antibacterial and water resistant.

Foam mattress with 12 cm deluxe foam
  • Structure that adapts to the child's movements
  • Sufficient ventilation prevents overheating

The Three Covers

FLEXA's quality covers can be combined with all FLEXA mattresses so that they are adapted to children's different needs during the night.


FLEXA Cover, bomuld

  • A 100% natural, clean cotton cover with a soft surface
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Quilted side panels


FLEXA Cover, bamboo

  • An upholstery that has bamboo fibers added and has an antibacterial treatment which makes it particularly suitable for sensitive and allergic children
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Quilted side panels


FLEXA Cover, eucalyptus

  • A cover that is added with wood fibers, which gives a natural cooling effect and has a silky sheen
  • High water absorption ensures that the material is comfortable and dry to sleep on
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Quilted side panels