Desks that make learning a breeze

Children concentrate and learn best when sitting at ergonomic desks and chairs that move with and not against the body.

Immersion combined with physical movement creates a healthy learning culture, and therefore FLEXA in 2018 launched a collection of mobile desks and chairs that meet the finest ergonomic principles.

The new collection of FLEXA desks with their comfortable chairs is the healthy choice, especially when the child spends many hours at home at the desk every day. These are exclusive Scandinavian designs, where the desks can raise and lower as needed, just as the worktops can be tilted and the height adjusted.

The shapes are round, the colors are calm and stylish, and together it gives a harmonious universe that inspires the child to absorb new knowledge. At the same time, the desks are designed so that they give the child a healthy working position in the best possible way, where the body can be mobile and not locked.

The new FLEXA-STUDY range consists of the WOODY, MOBY and EVO desks and the VERTO and NOVO chairs, both of which have adjustable seats and backrests.



Woody is a newly designed ergonomic desk in (solid) wood that can be
combined with details in harmonious colors.

The design is exclusively Scandinavian, where form and function go into unity. The ultimate elevation principles are incorporated into the design, and the top of the table can of course also be tilted.

Woody has a nice harmonic expression and at the same time ensures that the child has a healthy posture and working position. The height can be adjusted from 51 cm to 85 cm and at the same time the table space can be tilted up to 35 degrees, which is the ergonomically correct angle when the child reads.


FLEXA Evo og Moby

Evo and Moby are ergonomically correct desks in Scandinavian design. The two series have different functionalities.

MOBY is developed with three different kinds of worktops. A worktop dedicated to the right hand, one to the left and a work top, where the 35 degrees tilt function is centrally located in the middle of the table. This supports the child's ergonomic correct angle when the child is reading.

EVO is developed with two different countertops. One table top has full tilt function whereas the other table top is divided into two where the rear part of the table top is fixed and the front part can be tilted in a 35 degree position. The fixed part of the table top makes it possible to set ring binder and the like.

Woody, Evo, and Moby will soon be launched in the shop.