Play Curtains - Little Princess

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Live like a princess in a big castle with unicorns and swans as your best friends. The key to the magical castle is hidden in the garden and the frog might even turn into a prince if your dare to kiss him. Little Princess play curtain with print of a castle, unicorn and princesses.

The play curtain attaches to the bed with velcro and matches all mid-high beds and semi-high beds. For use on the semi-high beds, should the extensions be added. The play curtains are made of 100% cotton, Standard 100 by Oeko-tex.

Play Curtains:

L: 34.3 W: 30.3,

L: 34.3 W: 30.3,

L: 43.3 W:?ÿ30.3

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SeriesLittle Princess
Product no.83-20247
Product measurement Length 43.3 in
Height 30.3 in
Weight1.9 lb

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